MAN marine engines: fully classified high-speed units with the latest common-rail technology


In the D2868 LE421 and LE422, MAN is presenting a fully classified marine diesel engine for medium- and heavy-duty operation at the SMM in Hamburg. The high-speed engine from Nuremberg employs state-of-the-art common-rail technology to meet the most widely applicable exhaust-gas standards.

In the D2868, MAN is offering the first eight-cylinder engine with common-rail technology for medium- and heavy-duty operation. Thanks to the use of the latest common-rail technology, with its own internal measures the high-speed engine complies with the most important exhaust-gas standards worldwide. Moreover, this efficient diesel engine from MAN offers further improved fuel consumption with even lower noise emissions. Its full classification by the major societies expands the range of operating options that ship owners and captains have. The first product variant, the D2868 LE423 for light-duty operation, has already established itself on the market.

In heavy-duty operation, the efficient MAN D2868 LE421 marine diesel engine for applications requiring up to 100 percent full load over unlimited periods of time outputs 441 kW (600 hp) at 1,800 rpm. With the D2868 LE421, MAN has expanded its range of new-generation high-speed diesel engines towards the lower end of the power output spectrum and is thus able to offer attractive solutions particularly for applications in this part of the range. Designed primarily for installation in tugs, push boats and heavy working vessels, this efficient eight-cylinder engine ensures reliable operation with minimal service costs and low fuel consumption The MAN D2868 LE421 is available for delivery from the first quarter of 2013 on.

By comparison with its predecessor, the D2868 LE422 expands the range of power outputs suitable for medium-duty operation with up to 3,000 operating hours per annum of which 50 percent are at full load. The D2868 LE422, which is similarly fully classified, delivers 588 kW (800 hp) at 2,100 rpm. It replaces the non-classified D2848 LE422 and outputs ten percent more power than the latter at the same speed. The efficient eight-cylinder engine from MAN is preferably installed in passenger vessels, fishing boats and patrol boats. It is characterised by its low fuel consumption and great reliability. The D2868 LE 422 can be delivered in a classified as well as a non-classified version with effect from the first quarter of 2013.

D2868 LE421 at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg

MAN is putting a D2868 LE421 on display at Stand 200, Hall A3 at the SMM fair from September 4 through 7, 2012.

The range of MAN engines for working vessels

MAN Truck & Bus offers engines with outputs from 258 hp to 900 hp (190 kW to 662 kW) for heavy-duty operation and an unlimited number of operating hours at 100 percent full load in tugs, freighters and other working vessels. For medium-duty operation (up to 3,000 operating hours per annum of which 50 percent are at full load) in ferries, passenger and fishing boats amongst others, outputs range from 400 hp to 1,400 hp (294 kW to 1,029 kW). For escort, ambulance and police vessels, MAN’s portfolio for light-duty operation (up to 1,000 operating hours per annum of which 20 percent are at full load) includes efficient six-, eight- and 12-cylinder engines delivering from 730 hp to 1,800 hp (537 kW to 1,324 kW).

MAN high-speed marine engines are characterised by powerful acceleration and extremely economical fuel consumption. Their advantages are primarily in their excellent power yield and compact dimensions. The engines are shipped ready for installation and are optimally designed for the particular application and its operating conditions. Following installation, MAN will undertake inspection plus acceptance and commissioning of the engine. All engines comply with international exhaust standards.

In the D2868, MAN is offering the first fully classified eight-cylinder high-speed marine diesel engine with common-rail technology for medium- and heavy-duty operation.


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