KM Bahuga Jaya is Allegedly Not Equipped by AIS to Firdaus Adinugroho, General Manager of AISSAT Prime, the crash was probably happened due to KM Bahuga Jaya was not completed with Automatic Identification System (AIS). “Based on the data gathered, there is no station which had received AIS signal from KM Bahuga Jaya. It means that most likely KM Bahuga Jaya is not completed with AIS equipment. AIS equipment is navigation tools which must be installed in a ship for safety, especially to avoid collision.

Firdaus also showed the track, Norgas Cathinka, which allegedly collides with KM Bahuga Jaya. AIS signal from the Singapore’s-flag ship, captured by AISSAT station since 1 AM, heading to Algas Dock in Singapore. Approaching 5.16 AM, the ship showed significant changes of heading, then the speed is also changes significantly from 5.16 AM to 6 AM. It seems that Norgas was trying to avoid the objects around him. But, it didn’t prove anything until investigation conducted comprehensively.




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