Kiani Satu Bulk Carrier Leaking Oil into Sea


The Kiani Satu bulk carrier, which ran aground Thursday, August 8th, is now leaking oil into the sea. The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) is mitigating the leak, and efforts to contain and clean up the oil spill are underway.

The rescue of the 19 crew members was tricky as the surf continually crashed over the beached boat during the air lift operation. Graeme Harding, of the National Sea Rescue Institute in Knysna, said, “We did have the surf crashing right over the boat. When it hit the side of the ship, it washed right over the ship. It was really dangerous. The helicopter pilot was absolutely phenomenal and the guys hanging from the end of the line literally put their lives on the line.”

It is estimated that over 10 tonnes of oil have already leaked into the sea. Due to technical problems, efforts to tow the ship off the shore have been stalled.



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