Khalifa Port Enters Digital Era for Customers


ADPC has launched e-Services for customers using its new flagship Khalifa Port, which earlier this month saw the commencement of commercial operations at the semi-automated Container Terminal, unique in the entire MENA region.

The new e-Services will cut down considerably on paperwork as the Port moves towards its target of being a paperless operation.

ADPC is joined in the e-Services operation by Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT), which is operating the Container Terminal. ADPC controls access to the Port and issues licences, and ADT controls access to and appointments for the Container Terminal.  In addition, ADPC provides the Port’s Marine Services.

E-passes and e-Licences can now be obtained online on the ADPC website under the Ports portal.

ADT offers Web-based Gate Appointments, full EDIFACT EDI, online Vessel Schedule and online Container Tracking for all of ADT’s terminals, and a customer Access Portal for direct access to the Khalifa Terminal Terminal operating System (TOS) database, providing bookings, detail tracking for containers and Gate Transaction tracking.

Captain Mohamed Al Shamisi, EVP, Ports’ Unit, ADPC says: “We are delighted by the launch of the new web service as it will play an increasingly large part in the smooth logistics of the Port operation. This will help all customers and it will cut down processing times considerably, thereby adding the best value for money and boosting our competitive edge.”

ADPC and ADT are already running a powerful outreach campaign to stakeholders, including seminars and workshops, so that Khalifa Port users – especially trucking companies – are kept right up to date with latest developments in the Port’s operations.


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