Kendal Port To Operate In 2015

KENDAL – Kendal port for crossing facility would be operated in early 2015 while waiting for the licensing issuance by Ministry of Transportation which is still in progress.

Up to this moment, there is still the dredging for the pond and break water maintenance which may be completed at end of 2014.

Head of Indonesian Navy and SAR Port of Kendal Transportation Service Andi Rahmat said the road infrastructure which leads to the port has been prepared for a number of vehicles.

Kendal port has been tested on September 17, 2013 using KM Kalibodri. From the testing, the port claimed its readiness for operation.

“For the port’s inauguration, we are waiting for the operational license from Transportation Ministry. It may be operated in 2015,” he said, Tuesday (8/5/2014).

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