Karingau Prepares IDR70 Billion Capex


BALIKPAPAN— PT Kaltim Kariangau Terminal, operator of Karingau Container Port Balikpapan, allocates IDR70 billion capex this year to increase service quality to reap bigger profit set at 6%, President Director of PT Kaltim Kariangau Terminal (KKT) Anharuddin Siregar said the capital expenditure will be spent on three RTG units or transtainer and a side loader container to boost the speed of container management.

Besides, he argued the investment is also to carry out container trucks, bus, and expanding the container field. “We expect this investment can spur the growth of loading activity by 16% to 166,623 TEUs from last year’s 143,273 TEUs,” he said, Sunday (1/26).

He explained the growth of activity in the terminal last year exceeded the company’s target. At first KKT only set growth by 10-12% to 129,192 TEUs, but the growth reached 22.2% to 143,273 TEUs.

It is spurred by the strategy to set Karingau as collecting port in East Kalimantan. Vessels sailing from Surabaya to northern part of East Kalimantan are provided with parking lot for containers to cut distribution cost to northern part. And the percentage of activities soared.

He explained some sailing companies also benefit from its service, from previously using service from competitor in Palaran terminal, Samarinda. Previously the company also chose reside to Samarinda due to the crowded activity in the previous port, namely Semayang port, Balikpapan.

“Next year we plan to become the hub for Sulawesi region which previously was occupied by Makassar. We hope it can come true since Balikpapan is closer to West Sulawesi,” he added.

Eyes Higher Profit

Looking at the hectic activity in Karingau, he argued KKT can reap higher profit. Yet, he said since the operating cost is also higher, causing it to set profit growth at only 6%.

The high operating cost is caused by the demand for fuel for independent power plants and unplanned repair of equipments.

At first Anharuddin emphasized KTT is predicted to reap profit in its 5th year of operation since President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono inaugurated it on October 24, 2012. In the company’s initial proposal KKT will suffer loss in its first three years of operation. In the 4th year, it will reach breakeven point and reap profit in the 5th year. “But we successfully accelerate to reap profit in the second year,” he said.

Assistant of Operational Manager of Facility and Operation KKT Tubagus Patrick added he hopes there will be export activity from Karingau terminal. He argued all the requirements to become export port have been fulfilled, ranging from service speed standard, and tax and custom facility.

The leading commodities for export are palm shell and processed wood. According to the plan, next year KTT will have more container crane to anticipate the ever-crowding loading activity.



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