Japanese Investor Seriously Interested In Cilamaya Port Project

JAKARTA-Ministry of Transportation states until now Japan is very serious to become investor for Cilamaya port project.

Director General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Bobby R. Mamahit, said there are other countries too, such as South Korea, Netherlands, and Denmark, which are interested to invest in the project.

Yet, so far Japan has the most serious intention of all. In some bilateral meetings, Japanese government states its intention for the project to the government.

“All seem serious, but Japan is the only country who has discussed it in the level of presidential meeting, the Minister came here and talked about the project,” he said, Thursday (4/24).

He argued Japan is serious since it has some interests, one of them is its automotive industry. Nevertheless, at present the government will welcome all investors, be it local or foreign investors such as Pelindo.

“But we do not take side. We would select the fittest one. We build port, it does not only concern output, but also outcome, how the port can benefit us maximally,” he said.

The Ministry sets the construction late last year. At present, the feasibility study had been carried out in 2012.

The fund for the construction reaches IDR34.5 trillion and is divided into 2 phases. The first phase needs IDR23.9 trillion to build container terminal with capacity of 3.75 TEUs, car terminal with capacity of 1,030,000 CBU, dock, fuel dock, terminal for ro-ro vessel, and sailing track with depth of 17 Lws.

The scope of construction reaches breakwater construction, outer seawall, dredging, reclamation, oil hetty, road and bridge, dock, and stevedoring facilities, etc.

In the second phase, it needs IDR10.6 trillion to continue construction of container terminal including construction of road and bridge, reclamation, and stevedoring facilities, etc.


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