Issues on Boat Sinking Stuff Management and Utilization

JAKARTA – Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board held a Limited meeting Korkamla team located at the head office IMSCB on Dr. Sutomo Street Central Jakarta. The meeting was attended by the representatives from the 12 stakeholders of IMSCB. The meeting was directly led by the Chief of Daily Executive Vice Admiral (Ret) Bambang Suwarto, Tuesday (3/18/2014). Some participants Korkamla team who attended the meeting was Prof., Ph.D Kacung Marijan, (General Director, Ministry of National Education and Culture), Dr. Rizari, M. B,a, M. Si (Directorate General PUM, Ministry of Home Affairs), and Drs. Rusman Haryanto, M.T. (Head PSDK sub division).

The weakness in the Boat Sinking Stuff management was the purposed in the discussion. According to KP3K, there were 70 areas which has the probability to be examined all over Indonesian marine territorial. Thus, 10 already taken control and the rest was still uncertain. On his presentation, the Chief of IMSCB focused on the Law No 1 Year 2014 about the coastal management and the small island, and Law No 11 Year 2010 about the cultural heritage.

To conclude, the meeting was expected that the establishment of the government regulation should determine since there wasn’t any Law that managed the problem about Boat Sinking Stuff clearly.

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