Inputs By Shippers Disregarded In Mandatory Weighing Compromise To Be Reached In IMO


In the week that fierce debates were expected to rise in IMO’s headquarters on the question if containers should be weighed mandatorily or not, the debate seems to be finalized before it began. With the lacking of shippers’ authorized representatives in IMO, no voices were raised against the proposed measure to verify the weight of each container in a certified way, even though very big industrial interests had publicly opposed the proposed measures. ESC feels the legitimacy of IMO regulations suffers, if not all interests are equally represented and heard.

The requested deadline for providing the latest and most accurate information about the weight to ensure that the loading plan is not based on the booking but on the latest information provided by the shippers during the process have not been properly addressed. Although this practical and ‘simple’ solution would have had an immediate result in reducing misdeclaration it was disregarded.

Besides the request of addressing other aspects of the safety of containers at sea like stowing, which is also essential to again ensure safety, are not addressed. Therefore ESC feels the proposal is partial in its approach and has no immediate effect on safety in the maritime supply chain.

IMO’s dangerous goods and container committee will have to decide during their plenary session on Friday if they support the measure in general. ESC calls on member states to make up their minds on the matter and discuss this concern with their own business groups, while they still can. The measure will be ineffective and costly, and it is up to the governments in IMO to take proportional and technically feasible measures. This measure will certainly not meet these requirements, according to ESC.






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