Indonesian energy minister calls for smaller LNG tankers


Indonesia’s “technocrat” deputy energy minister, Rudi Rubiandini, Tuesday called for widespread development of small-scale nuclear power generation as a solution to future global energy needs.

Speaking at the ONS energy conference in Stavanger, Norway, Rubiandini also said there could be benefits to smaller LNG tankers.

Rubiandini became Indonesia’s new Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources earlier this year, following a distinguished academic career.

With the ONS conference considering the theme of “energy paradoxes,” such as how to bring more energy to more people while reducing emissions, Rubiandini unusually suggested small-scale nuclear was the answer.

Other speakers focused more on the importance of technological improvements and natural gas.

Rubiandini told the conference that small-scale nuclear plants should be developed, and should be spread throughout countries, and even worldwide, to minimize risks of individual accidents.
The long-term solution towards 2050 is nuclear and renewables, he said.
Indonesia is a major gas producer and exporter, sending around 56% of its gas overseas.
Its current energy mix is 49.7% oil, 24.5% coal, 20.1% gas and 5.7% renewables. Its target for 2025 is 20% oil, 33% coal, 30% gas and 17% renewables.

But noting that fossil fuel resources are finite, Rubiandini said nuclear should be prepared as an energy source for 2050, alongside work to boost renewable energy production.
It would be “impossible” for fossil fuels to meet all energy demand alone while reducing emissions, he said, adding that fossil fuels have their risks, such as the Gulf of Mexico Macondo oil spill, as well as nuclear.

Rubiandini later said that “smaller” and more flexible LNG tankers could also be a good idea, without detailing the suggestion.

Smaller LNG tankers are seen by some in the industry as a way to bring gas to more isolated regions, such as islands, and could be a useful way to deliver gas in a nation of islands like Indonesia.


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