Indonesia urges China to help Indonesian crew displaced in Gabon


Beijing (ANTARA News) – The government of Indonesia has called on China to sort out the cases of seven Indonesian crew members of Chinese fishing vessels, who were displaced in Gabon, according to Indonesian Ambassador to China Imron Cotan.

Imron sent a letter to China`s foreign ministry, urging the Chinese government to quickly resolve the problem of the crew members who were allegedly mistreated by Chinese company Dalian Liangpeng Ocean Fishing Co. Ltd.

“We have also sent a complaint to the company and its representative agent in Indonesia, PT Sinar Star International,” he said here on Tuesday.

The seven Indonesian workers have been stranded in Gabon since July 9 and are working on a temporary basis with Socipeg Sarl, a Gabonese ship company.

They quit their jobs at the Chinese company because it did not honour their employment contract and forced them to work longer than the agreed hours. The company also did not pay them on time.

The seven Indonesian workers are Heryawan (crew member of FV Liaoyingshui 603), Irpan (FV Liaoyingshui-603), Rahmat (FV Liaoyingshui 603), Fadhli (FV Liaoyingshui 603), Jurais (FV Leconi 5), Irwan Sukri (FV Leconi 5), and Husain (FV Masuku).

“We have asked the Chinese government to discuss and negotiate with the company to solve the problem,” Imron said.


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