Indonesia, China sign MoU on fishery partnership


The Indonesian Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of fishery partnership.

“It marks the birth of the new era of both countries’ fishery partnership, which is expected to be able to further benefit both countries,” Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minister Sharif C. Sutardjo said in an official release on Thursday.

The MoU encompasses a number of paramount points managing the sustainability marine and fishery partnership, such as the partnership in the investment promotion of the captive fishery and aquaculture, the fish processing and marketing, the eradication of the, the fishery data and information exchange – particularly the exchange of the fishery product export-import data, fish docking data, boat registration and the deletion certificate.

The MoU also covers the sustainable captive fish technical collaboration development, the fishery biodiversity protection and other fishery capacity building collaboration.

“Through this finalization of the agreement, it’s expected to be able to accelerate the fishery development by strengthening the fishery industrialization, particularly in terms of the facility and capacity building of the integrated domestic captive fish industry,” Sharif said.

The MoU also helps Indonesia pave the way to fathom the development of the fishery shipyard in Indonesia and the development of the human capital by training the Indonesian fishing boat crew in the Chinese fishing enterprises.






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