Incat 112m Wave Piercing Catamaran on the Way to Denmark


Incat’s latest 112 metre Wave Piercing Catamaran KatExpress 2 has been delivered to Mols Linien, an experienced Danish high speed ferry operator who provide high speed car ferry links between Eastern and Western Denmark.

KatExpress 2 is the fourth 112 metre to be built by Incat and it can carry up to 1000 persons and 415 cars (or 210 cars and 567 truck lane metres). Characterised by high payload capability, efficient slender hull lines, wide beam and the absence of drag inducing underwater appendages, the 112 metre offers industry leading transport efficiency, economies of scale, speed and seakeeping.

For KatExpress 2 Mols Linien specified a modern, high quality yet functional dual class interior that maximised comfort and on board revenue. Notable features include a business class with luxury leather seating and panoramic views, a bistro restaurant, a large Baresso™ café bar outlet, two cinemas, a children’ s play area, a protected promenade deck and a large outdoor aft deck.

KatExpress 2

Access to the passenger lounges are through a passenger lift, ramps or stairwells, all designed to minimise embarkation and disembarkation times. The main vehicle deck has hydraulically operated stern gates. The upper car deck can be accessed by either a two lane ramp on the main deck or notably from innovative dual tier shore ramps already installed by Mols Linien in Odden port.

KatExpress 2 achieved a speed of 42.1 knots at 671.5 tonnes deadweight during sea trials.

The vessel has embarked on a 12500 nautical mile delivery voyage from Hobart, Tasmania via the Panama Canal to Aarhus, Denmark.

In early May 2013 KatExpress 2 will enter commercial service on the 39 nautical mile Danish domestic route between Aarhus and Odden alongside her Incat built sistership, KatExpress 1 which entered service in May 2012. The two vessels are scheduled to operate at 37-38 knots with fast 20-30 minute turnarounds. Each vessel will operate eight crossings per day and steam up to 109,000 nautical miles per year! Max Mols, an Incat 91 metre, delivered to Denmark in 1998 will be transferred to the Ebeltoft to Odden route operating between 4 and 8 sailings per day.

Mols Linien CEO, Soren Jespersen commented: “In 2011 we concluded a strategic business review which redefined our tonnage strategy to a focus on solely operating high speed car passenger ferry services. The entry into service of the 112 metre KatExpress 1 in May 2012 has directly resulted in a year on year traffic increase of 8.2% to 751,635 cars, a 28% reduction in fuel consumption, a 33% reduction in CO2 emissions, significantly lower operating costs per car carried, higher revenue per sailing and most importantly, a second half operating profit of DKK21 million before depreciation and amortisation.

”“I am am very pleased to have taken delivery of our second 112 metre, KatExpress 2, it offers a fantastic on board experience tailored to our client base, it continues our business transformation, expands our route capacity by 65% and it will ensure good full year profitability for Mols Linien in 2013.

”Incat Chairman, Robert Clifford commented: “I am delighted that Mols Linien has chosen to operate a fleet that is entirely comprised of Incat built vessels, including two of our 112 metre flagships customised for the European market.

“The Mols Linien vision is not about speed at any cost, rather about incorporating efficiency and best practice in every aspect of their operation, both onboard or onshore. The collaborative efforts of Mols Linien and Incat specialists on KatExpress 1 and in particular, KatExpress 2, have challenged conventional operating wisdom to deliver not only an unrivalled passenger experience but a profitable high speed ferry operation in difficult economic times. I take this opportunity to congratulate Mols Linien on taking delivery of KatExpress 2 and also in taking the initiative to design and install a dual tier linkspan which ensures full load turnarounds can be achieved in only 28 minutes and the capabilities of the 112 metre are fully exploited.”





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