IMSCB Always Stay Alert to Monitor Indonesian Maritime Territory


Regarding to the bad weather condition around the Indonesian marine territory in the late of 2013, the Chief of Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board suggested that all the personnel stay on alert. Also, he implied that all the personnel should always make the coordination with the stakeholders and the society especially those who lived near the coastal area. For example, those who lived around 1st , 2nd , 3rd Satgas, MRCC, RCC, and Ground Station.

As the Chief explained that the wave height reaches 3 to 5 meters long. Therefore, all the personnel both in the central and those who worked in the district should always monitor the marine condition due the bad weather in the late 2013.

¨All units of IMSCB should stay on alert and always make a communication with the stakeholders and the society so that we always get the latest information about the marine condition around Indonesian maritime territorial¨ said the Chief.

Therefore, the function of IMSCB as the public services could be implemented by giving the assistance for the society through the ¨Early Warning¨ in order to create the security and safety for the maritime users.







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