IBT Water and Its Various Problems

KUPANG—Commander of the Navy Main Base (Danlantamal) VII/Kupang Laksma (TNI) Karma Suta said, the Navy base position as the head of maritime defense in the eastern Indonesia has variety and complex maritime issues.

“The diversity and complex problems are illegal fishing, use of explosives that can destroy coral reefs, smuggling of goods and humans, gunfire, conserved animals and social conflict as well,” he said in Kupang on Wednesday (6/13).

He shared on the occasion of friendship and farewell party of Kupang 161 Military/Wirasakti Commander Colonel (Inf) Edison Napitupulu to his successor Brigadier General (TNI) Ferdinand Setiawan.

He said, the situation has made ​​the sea as a medium of infiltration and extraction of the crime to the high risk of accidents at sea, due to the lack of safety facilities and navigation aids.

“A lot of breaks in the water of Flores, from the north Sulawesi and the west Sumbawa; West Nusa Tenggara (NTB); and the eastern state of Timor Leste, made them possible for illegal immigrants who want to migrate to Australia,” he said.

Therefore, being alert to anticipate those problems through coordination among related agencies and training by promoting persuasive measures is needed, such as implementing the optimal control by creating Navy observer chamber.

The Navy observer chamber as the eyes and ears for the implementation of maritime security operations tasks (Kamla) that implement the KRI and KAL elements must be optimized, according to situations, so it really works.

“All the facilities and infrastructures, especially its fleet is now quite ready to support the security operational program of the Indonesia, Timor Leste and Australia territorial,” he said.

He added, the territorial of eastern Indonesia is often for conflict basis, because NTT and its surrounding waters are very rich in natural resources, especially in the sectors of fisheries and maritime tourism.

Suta said, in management of the resources it needs adequate security guarantees, thereby provides operational logistics support of the Navy operating in the Savu Sea, Banda Sea and Flores Sea which is the ALKI III trajectory as well as direct border with Democratic Republic of Timor Leste (RDTL).

NTT waters have excellent tourism site of the ancient animal Komodo that have been assigned by the New7 Wonder Foundation as one of the seven wonders of the world in May 2012, so that the Navy in Lantamal VII / Kupang should take to secure the giant animals, including the need to maintain and preserve the conservation park established by the government to work together and coordinated with other relevant government agencies, such Laksma Karma Suta. (ant/ hrb)




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