Five Missing After Barge Capsizes in Singapore


The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) responded to a report that a life raft with people onboard had been sighted southwest of Horsburgh Lighthouse.

A total of six crewmembers were subsequently rescued by a Police Coast Guard patrol craft. The rescued crewmembers reported that another five persons were missing, and that they were from a barge, Heng Hong 168, which had capsized in Singapore waters about three nautical miles west of Horsburgh Lighthouse. The incident occurred at around 0800 hours (Singapore time) on December 19.

MPA is co-ordinating the search and rescue (SAR) operations, which involves assets for aerial and surface searches. MPA has also activated commercial divers to assist with the SAR operations.

MPA has issued navigational broadcasts to vessels in the vicinity to keep clear of the SAR area and to report any sightings of the missing persons.

MPA is investigating the incident.




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