Fishing vessel collides with tanker off Sangley Point


Navy ship saved 21 fishermen near Sangley Point in Cavite after the fishing vessel “Lala Boom” collided with a tanker information from the Philippine Coast Guard.

The incident occurred 5 nautical miles off South Harbor in Manila.

The navy ship MPAC BA485 was patrolling along Manila Bay and detected the crew members from the fishing vessel. M/B Lala Boom was hit and its right outrigger broke and was rammed by Motorized Tanker Pullian.

No one is injured, all 21 people that were onboard the fishing boat are safe. Further investigation will give light to the case.

It is believed that the fishing boat wanted to cross the tanker’s bow loaded with jet fuel.

What about the tanker?

M/T Pulillan with 14 people onboard was heading to the Pasing Entrance of South Harbor to its final destination, the fishing boat on other hand was heading for the fishing grounds.

The tanker and the fishing vessel had to be towed to the Manila International Container Port.

Fishermen needed to follow sea navigational rules to prevent the collision.





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