Eid-ul Fitr Day Boosts Marine Logistics Transportation By 30%

SEMARANG—Marine logistics volume during Eid-ul Fitr period is predicted to rise by 30% due to increase of production in some plants.

Chairman of Central Java Indonesia National Ship Owners Association (INSA) M Ridwan, confirms about the preparation of vessel to keep up with the surge, from the usual 240 containers to 300 -315 containers each day.

“On average, the use of 1.5 vessels per day transports 240-250 containers, there will be no additional vessel since the existing ones are still able to accommodate rising logistics volume predicted to reach 20-30%,” he told Bisnis, Monday (07/07/2014).

He said early in the fasting month, a number of plants, particularly those producing processed food such as bakery, beverage, and textile product boost production to fulfill market demand.

The increase in manufactured goods volume is also company’s effort to anticipate limited production in holiday season.

“The increasing logistic transportation is an impact of market demand, stock, and intensification of production-distribution three days before Eid-ul Fitr,” he said.

INSA and Tanjung Emas port coordinate measures to facilitate loading and unloading activity, particularly with container port so it can anticipate pileup of goods.


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