DJAKARTA LLYOD Negotiates IDR677.57 Billion With 226 Creditors


JAKARTA: Shipping SOE, PT Djakarta Lloyd will negotiate IDR677.57 debt from 226 creditors starting early next year as the company’s attempt to fix its management and operations.

Djakarta Llyod President Director Syahril Japarin said the company is fixing its management.

In the early stage, it has completed the financial statements from 2008 until 2011. Furthermore, the company changed its business to bulk transport from containers.

“We also conducted debt negotiation, and the total debt is IDR677.57 billion,” he said, Monday (10/29/2012)

He added the debt consists of government debt, bank loan, tax debt, financial institution debt, retirement fund debt and others.

Debt is lower than previously due to Ministry of Finance did not recognize the Djakarta Llyod’s subsidiary loan agreement (SLA) of IDR2.4 trillion as company debt, however SLA be an additional government capital for company’s equity.



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