Crew of City of Xiamen Freed by Pirates in Nigeria


The City of Xiamen’s owners released the following statement:

Sunship Schiffahrtskontor KG confirms that the all of its five crew members who were abducted during the boarding of the City of Xiamen off the coast of Nigeria on April 26 were released on May 11th.

After the release of all the crew members, who are Polish and Russian citizens, they were looked after by company representatives in Nigeria and were undergoing medical check-ups. Despite difficult conditions while in captivity, they are in good health. They already returned to their own countries and were reunited with their families.

This news comes as an immense relief to all Sunship Schiffahrtskontor KG employees who share the joy of the families.

Sunship Schiffahrtskontor KG wishes to extend its thanks to the organizations who have worked towards securing their release, including the Nigerian local authorities, the embassies of Poland and the Russian Federation in Nigeria and the German Bundespolizei.

Sunship Schiffahrtskontor KG would also like to warmly thank all those who have shown their support and encouragement in these difficult circumstances.

For reasons of confidentiality and in order to protect the privacy of the families, no further information is available.






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