Crew Member Dies Locked on his Ship


Police officials are conducting an investigation on the death of an Indonesian fisherman that died while being locked up onboard a vessel.

The victim, who was crew member of the FV Chokyu Maru No. 78 was held in the vessel’s isolated shower room when he was found dead while entering Fiji waters from Tahiti on Monday, August 26th, 2013.

Ana Naisoro, pPolice spokeswoman told the shower room the 33-year-old crew member died in was guarded by 2 crew members.

According to reports, the deceased allegedly acted violently and threatened other fisherman during their fishing expedition.

“The body of the fisherman is now at the morgue of Suva Private Hospital with the post-mortem examination being conducted,” Naisoro added.

The ambassador of Indonesia to Fiji, Aidil Chandra Salim yesterday stated that he was aware of the fisherman’s death.

“We are waiting for results from the hospital,” stated Mr. Salim.

He also told that Online Casino he wasn’t aware as to what transpired onboard the vessel and how the fisherman died but they were putting information together.

Attempts by embassy authorities to talk to the Indonesian crew members onboard yesterday failed.

Mr. Aidil Salim told they had been informed by other fisherman who learned about the accident that the FV Chokyu Maru No. 78 had been at sea for long.

“There wasn’t any conflict but a restless attitude from the fisherman who died. I don’t know whether he had a fight or what happened inside the vessel,” Mr Salim told. He added that he had contacted the concerned Indonesian ministry requesting it to contact the next of kin of the deceased.

The vessel’s company manager Xhong Fei Shipping Agencies refused to comment on the matter.

Company director Sally Lin also refused to comment and referred all questions to police.

Investigation is continuing.






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