Cooperation Between IMSCB and Bapenten


On behalf to build the cooperation between Indonesia Agency for Nuclear Energy (Bapeten) and Indonesia Maritime Security Coordinating Board (IMSCB) on surveillance and security of Nuclear transportation in Indonesia water teritory, team of Indonesia Agency for Nuclear Energy visit IMSCB on  June 5th 2012. This cooperation is set out in standard procedures (SP). Follow-up to transport the increased scrutiny Bapeten paid a working visit to Bakorkamla.

The team with 5 staf led by Executive Secretary of Bapeten Dr. Mohammad Dani visit crisiscenter of IMSCB and receive the presentation about integrated information system on IMSCB. Executive Secretary of IMSCB, Dr. Dicky. R. Munaf accompanied by head of the sub field of management information systems and technology, Arief Meidyanto accept Bapeten team.

In the opening held at the Crisis Center, Dr. Dicky R. Munaf explains the duties and functions of the security efforts of IMSCB in Indonesia ocean. Indonesian Ocean presented many foreign ships through the waters of Indonesia, so there may be ships with carrying dangerous goods, including nuclear materials.

The event was followed by dialogue and cooperation plan has followed the presentation of conclusions Interdict WMD / RADACAD at 16 to 20 April 2012 in Washington USA. In this event Bapeten has a plan to provide equipment of a detector for detecting the charge radiating like radioactive substances and nuclear materials.


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