Competitions to Celebrate the 7th Anniversary


In order to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board, several series of competitions had been performed between the Stakeholders. Thus, the competitions were badminton, swimming, and chess. The event was accomplished at the Sport Hall, North Jakarta on Wednesday November 14, 2013.

Thus, the event was opened by Maritime Mayor Dwi Kardono. SAP.,S.Sos., MA as the Head of Operation Policy Evaluation Sub Division. He suggested that the competitions shall be performed both in earnest and sportsmanship. Moreover, the competitions were followed by Indonesian Army (Army and Navy), Marine Police, State Intelligent, and the Directorate General of Immigration.

Furthermore, the 1st place in the badminton competition was won by the Navy, Marine Police took the 2nd places and the Immigration in 3rd places. Moreover, in the swimming competition was also won by the Navy while the 2nd and 3rd places won by the Marine Police. Finally, IMSCB was success in filling their name in the chess competition by winning the 3rd places whereas the 1st place was taken by the State Intelligent, and Navy in the 2nd places.






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