Chemical Tanker & 21 Crewmen Released by Somali Pirate Gang

Greek-owned chemical tanker, the MT Liquid Velvet, has reportedly been freed by Somali pirates recently after more than 8 months in captivity.

The ship was hijacked in the Gulf of Aden, while travelling from Suez to India, with 21 Filipino crewmen onboard. Eight armed pirates in a skiff were responsible for the attack on the 17-year-old tanker.

The pirate gang released the vessel on June 5th after receiving a reported $4 million in ransom money. They relocated the Liquid Velvet from Buq village into deeper waters before setting the crew free and returning to land via speedboat. The crew was apparently held for so long because of two prior failed ransom negotiations.

The most recent developments noted the tanker heading to a port in Oman and representatives from the Philippine embassy have been sent to meet the vessel.


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