Cargo vessel with 11 crew members onboard sinks in Mediterranean Sea


According to maritime authorities, 11 crew members were rescued after a cargo vessel went down in the Mediterranean Sea.

The cargo vessel Tayyar Şenkaya 1 sailing with eleven crew members onboard, sank at around 4 am in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Antalya in southern Turkey. All the crew members have been saved from the wreck, reported the maritime authorities, while the vessel went down completely.

The cargo vessel that was carrying a cargo of steel roll, probably sank due to damage, which was caused by inadequately fixed cargo at the bottom of the vessel, told the 2nd captain of the ship.

“Probably the unfixed steel roll cargo hit the vessel’s body; we checked the lockers and determined that they were filling with water. We instantly became alarmed and woke the sleeping crew members and asked for assistance,” stated the vessel’s second captain, Ersoy Şakar.

A Maltese-flagged vessel, Gabustan arrived at the point where the cargo vessel sank and assisted the crew members before the maritime officials rescue teams’ arrival.

The Coast Guard of Antalya sent rescue services. The sunken cargo vessel had been sailing from Turkey’s popular resort of Istanbul to the southeastern port of Mersin.





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