Captain and Officers Refuse to Leave Sinking Ship


Anafarta cargo ship started sinking after sustained damages due to excavating the sea bottom for sand with the backhoe loader. Accident with the Turkey-flagged cargo ship occurred on Riva Kupelitas point, south-west of Istanbul.

The captain of the cargo ship, which was started to take on water, made a distress call to Vessel Traffic Services of the Istanbul Directorate to ask for help. Sonduren-4, Kiyem-1 and Kegm-9 tug vessels were sent to the place of the accident to assist the sinking Anafarta ship. Patrol tug vessels from the land rescue station in Mehmet Genc were also dispatched due to its closeness to the scene of the accident.

Captain of the taking on water Anafarta cargo ship managed to aground the ship aiming to avoid sinking of the vessel. At the time of the accident there were 11 crew members onboard the sinking Anafarta ship, all in good conditions, according to initial reports.

The rescue vessel from the Coast Guard General Directorate (DGCS), Kegm-9 boarded 8 of 11 crew members. The Chief Engineer, Chief Officer and Captain of the grounded Anafarta cargo ship refused to leave the sinking Anafarta cargo vessel, and remained onboard, waiting for further instructions by the vessel’s owner.

According to initial reports by the Turkish Coast Guard there is no pollution around the grounded Anafarta ship.







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