BMKG warns of high waves in Arafura Sea


Ambon (ANTARA News) – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) office in Ambon has warned Aru Islands residents to be on the alert for three-metre-high waves from the Arafura Sea, which are likely to hit the district’s coasts between October 31 and November 5.

“The high waves can be pretty dangerous for traditional fishermen, so they had better not go out to catch fish,” said Fransina Pattinama, the Head of Observation and Information of Ambon BMKG, here on Tuesday.

“The waves near Tanimbar Islands in West Southeast Maluku district are likely to reach two metres during the same period,” she added.

Fransina urged local residents to heed the warnings of BMKG “in order to avoid unnecessary accidents in the sea”.

“The two districts are located in southern Maluku province, bordering Australia. Fishermen from the two districts are often swept away by high waves into Australian waters while fishing,” she continued.

Maluku Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) officer Kifly Wakanno stated that BMKG’s warning had been sent out to all regents and mayors so their respective officials could accordingly instruct shipping companies in their area.

“We expect all regents and mayors to urge the users and providers of water transportation services to pay attention to the possible extreme weather conditions and not force themselves to sail,” he said.

Wakanno also called on all shipping companies to give priority to passenger safety and communicate regularly with the BMKG.

“This warning is very important. The extreme weather conditions that have occurred over the past few months have claimed the lives of some residents,” he added.




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