Bad Weather Hampers Rescue of Sinking Boat in Papua

Sentani, Papua Province (ANTARA News) – Bad weather in Yapen waters hampered the rescue effort of a sinking boat that carried 30 people in the area of Pasorae Strait to Kurudu Kaipuri waters of Papua.

The Jayapura X Naval Main Base Commander First Admiral Rudy Bangkinas explained that bad weather was still continuing in Papua and has hampered the rescue of a boat that had departed from Serui of Yapen Archipelago District bound for Mamberamo Raya District.

“The waves reached 2-3 meters high and forced the rescue team to operate a ship of 100 meters in length, in order to search for the victims or casualties from the sinking boat,” Rudy informed in an interview to ANTARA News, here on Wednesday.

The preliminary data noted that at least 22 passengers were still missing while eight passengers are safe.

“We are using two Indonesian Navy ships and maritime aerial patrol team to search for the 22 missing passengers,” the First Admiral pointed out.

The Navy is focusing the searching effort in Yapen waters and hopes that the victims survive.

“The search was limited only to a week. However, we have extended the effort based on the request from the local regional administration,” Rudy explained.

The boat that carried 30 passengers left from Serui for Mamberamo Raya District on Tuesday (April 8). The vessel was overthrown and began sinking when hit by strong waves, resulting in some missing passengers.

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