Attack Thwarted by Armed United Marine Security Team


On Friday, July 27, an armed security team onboard the MAA SAMUDA KHATUN fired warning shots at two skiffs, avoiding a potential boarding.

The MAA SAMUDA KHATUN was sailing in the Red Sea just southwest of Hanish Al Kubra, en route to Suez when 14 men in two skiffs armed with guns and knives approached the bulk carrier. The ship’s master raised the alarm and took evasive measures to avoid a boarding. An armed United Marine Security team onboard the vessel fired warning shots, prompting the suspected pirates to flee.

The two white skiffs were last seen travelling north towards the east Haycock Islands. United Marine Security, a security firm of U.S. Military veterans, says the warning shots fired acted as the greatest deterrent, prompting the skiffs to immediately turn away.

The MAA SAMUDA KHATUN is a Bangladesh-flagged bulk carrier with 26 Bangladesh sailors onboard.


ABOUT United Marine Security

United Marine Security employs veterans from various branches of the US military, Department of Transportation (i.e., coast guards) and Homeland Security. We ensure our Security Analyst garner more than just the basic qualification necessary. Our team hold high levels of experience and education, such as Masters degrees in subjects such as International Relations, Middle Eastern Cross Cultural Communication, Engineering and any other associated subject. But in addition to a degree, we require all members of company to have time tested experience in the field. Our Security Team Members are veteran military members that have been trained in various disciplines within the US Special Forces (NAVY SEALS, Marine Sharp Shooters, Air Force Para-rescue Jumpers). We ensure they are absolutely physically fit and place their integrity in executing one’s duties and responsibilities. In addition we require they undergo annual physical fitness test, and our annual security training screening to ensure they maintain the ability to work and adapt well as a member of our elite security units.


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