Association Urges Gov’t To Realize National Logistics System

JAKARTA – Vice Chairman of Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) Mahendra Rianto stated the association’s support to the government’s policy in reducing the import consumption.

For that, he said, the government should be committed to realize the national logistics system that stands on local businessmen.

According to him, the supply which tends to decline as well as the supply imbalance in inter regions have caused high costs on logistics. In this case, the government should seek for solution.

“The solution will be in the form of total comprehension on the blue print of national logistics system (Sislognas). This means the government should also focus on industrial centers instead of the transportation infrastructure strengthening,” he said, Tuesday (4/15).

He said the government should conduct the mapping of commodity potential in all over Indonesia. In addition, the government could identify the targeted market and production number so that the commodity could support the transportation infrastructure existence.

“Over the period, there is no thorough attention on the industry development or leading commodity in the regions. Although there is a concept on transportation and port, it will be useless to have no commodity,” he said.

Aside from that, he suggested the government to immediately apply west gate-east gate policies for export-import activities.

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