Asia Pacific Maritime – Indonesia to Show Its Maritime Identity, JAKARTA – The two-yearly event named Asia Pacific Maritime (APM) will be held on March 19-21 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
For maritime industry dealers, APM is a forum to show the nation’s maritime identity whose ancestor was a sailor.
As we know so far, APM is an event for international-level maritime industry dealers in Pacific region.
One of national maritime industry dealers, Eddy Kurniawan Logam, will also attend the event.
This will be his third participation and currently, he is managing PT Steadfast Marine, Indonesia.
Eddy admitted that he has certain mission for the international elements. “In the forum, I want to say that our ancestors are sailors,” he said to Bisnis, Thursday (27/2/2014).
He explained that Indonesian history is a strong point to reflect that maritime power is Indonesian sovereignty.
Therefore, although shipyard industries are down due to unsupported regulations, he is upbeat with national shipyard industry’s market opportunities.
Eddy will also use the 13th international forum APM as a stepping stone to find partners.
“We also want to declare that Indonesian shipyard industry still exists,” he said.
Meanwhile, the speaker candidate for APM 2014, Roberto Cazzulo, Chairman of VP Corporate Quality RINA Services S.p.A Italy, said that Asia is the most important region for maritime industry.
“In the last 10 years, Asia has played an important role in shipyard and it will continue until the next five years,” he said, as quoted from 2014 APM’s official release.
APM is a great market opportunity and an event for maritime communities in the region to show their latest and advanced technology in maritime sector.

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