ALFI Encourages Logistic Cost Efficiency


JAKARTA: Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) encouraged services providers and users at Tanjung Priok Port to eliminate unnecessary spending that lead to high logistic cost.

Such action is to prepare national logistics companies’ readiness in facing the enforcement of Asean logistics integration and liberalization in 2013.

“What we need is users and providers’ commitment to cut the cause of high costs in the sector,” said Alfi’s Chairman for Jakarta Sofian Pane to Bisnis, Tuesday (10/30/2012).

ALFI Jakarta, he claimed, has inventoried a number of troublesome factors that have been complained by forwarder and logistic services providers at Tanjung Priok Port.

The factors, among others, are minimum road access to port, bottlenecks in the distribution channels that extend delivery time and extortion by officials.

“Infrastructure issues are government responsibility while accelerating the process of documents and unloading is under port operator power.”

To organize logistic cost, he believed online system in necessary to regulate documents matters, including billing. (T05/TW)





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