Activities At Tanjung Priok Port Guaranteed Runs Normally

JAKARTA – Director of PT Indonesia Port Corporation II, Richard Jose Lino, said the process of loading and unloading at Tanjung Priok harbour will run as normal, despite the resignation of 21 officials and director of the company.

“We are going through a transformational stage where what happened is apart of the organization’s dynamic that is changing and maturation process as well as organizational learning to face change,” says RJ Lino in a written statement.

Responding to the anxiety of customers and Indonesia Port Corporation II sea transport users, Lino as CEO and the entire General Managers of Indonesia Port CorperationII branch guaranteed that the loading and unloading activity in the harbor would run normally.

To ensure that the service will run as normal, he said, replacing officers will be included in the process of service guarantee at Tanjung Priok Harbour.

Indonesia Port Corporation II have form 15 branches that will support the activities of the harbor in the time span of less than 2 years, such as PT Pengembang Pelabuhan Indonesia, PT Jasa Armada Indonesia, PT Kendaraan Terminal Indonesia, PT Indonesia Logistik Community System, PT Energi Power Indonesia, dan PT Terminal Petikemas Indonesia.

By supporting the whole activity, Indonesia Port Corporation II simultaneously transforming the financial system and simplify the procedure as well as expanding SDM capacity.

”At this moment we are undergoing changes in a lot of things simultaneously, which has never been done before,” he said.

Before, around 20 officials and 1 director of Indonesia Port Corporation II resigned from the company because they disagree with how the company was run.







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