7 treasure ship that sank in Indonesian waters


Again, the wealth of Indonesia captured VOCs were found on the seabed. Treasure ship was found to exist in divers Attila of Hungary in the waters of the sea floor brasil contains 180,000 gold coins worth 1 billion U.S. dollars. Estimated carcass had 3 centuries old, three-masted ship named Voetboog is sinking on 29 May 1700 with a crew of 109 people, took charge in addition to gold coins, as well as silk, spices, tea and porcelain. Everything is in a state bagus.Menurut experts, the ship sank on its way from Batavia to the Netherlands. They chose the cruise route in the hope brasil safe from enemy attack. It was unclear how the ship sank, but suspected the ship caught in a storm and sank in the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1986, with the invention of the world digemparkan 100 gold bars and 20,000 ceramics from the Ming and Ching Geldennalsen VOC ship that sank in waters of Riau Islands in January 1751. The inventor is Michael Hartcher, an Australian citizen who calls himself a maritime archaeologist.

Indonesia as a maritime country has a lot of under water. Data from the National Geographic in 2001 said there were at least seven ancient ship sank between 17 and 20 centuries in western Indonesian waters (Malacca Strait). ship include ship Diana (Inggriss), vessel Tek Sing and Turiang from china, IIPA and Geldennasel Nassau (Netherlands), the ship Don Duarte de Guerra (portuguese) and ship Ashigara (Japan).

In 2005, De Rooswjik wreck divers found Inggriss amateur named Rex Cowan. The ship sank 9 January 1740 allegedly because of the storm. In these wrecks discovered gold coins, silver bullion VOC air cap, ceramic and military equipment are now entering three centuries.
The ship does not include other merchant ships [no third century until the 15th century was dominated by Chinese merchants who stopped and anchored at the time of the kingdom in the archipelago


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