6 Killed in Explosion of a tanker vessel


An explosion on the board of a beached tanker in Alang, India has killed 6 people and injured 1 other.

The fire broke out at nearly 12.45 pm on Saturday on the one-hundred-sixty-three-meter MT Union Brave at the Alang-Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard.

Information indicate that the fire broke out after the people working onboard used blow torches to cut open a compartment near the pump-room toward the aft end of the tanker.

Rescue and recovery operations were mostly carried out by other people in the yard that had to cut open more parts of the vessel to reach their trapped co-workers. There are 5 workers that were pronounced dead at the scene while 2 others were brought to nearby hospitals for treatment. One of them later died.

“It seems the workers might have used blow-torches instead of unscrewing the nuts and bolts with spanners to take the compartments apart that is the safe way to do it,” said a yard official spokesman.





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