’34th Captain of Patrol Ship Refreshment and Personnel of the Joint Operation Unit

‘’The continuation of the criminal issues occurred on the Indonesian maritime such as illegal fishing, piracy, and the larceny of the natural resource were being the threat to the National Security’’ said the Chief of IMSCB ‘’Rear Admiral D.A.Mamahit’’ on the event of ‘’34th Captain of Patrol Ship Refreshment and Personnel of the Joint Operation Unit’’ located at Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya on Tuesday (15/04).

On that occasion, the Chief emphasized four things to the participants. Firstly, the synergy and enhancing cooperation between officials whether they were on board and on the port in a solid and effective ways. Secondly, the synchronization of perception, paradigm and behavior in carrying out their duties related to the maritime security. Thirdly, observed the security and safety in order to do the job based on regulations and laws applied, especially in the unresolved boundary area between the Indonesia – Malaysia by referring to MoU common guideline. Fourthly, Coordination at every opportunity in a hierarchical manner according to the organization operations both to the Task Unit force and the institutions to conduct a good operation of maritime security (coordinated and independent).

Thus, the event was attended by the Commandant of the 5th Lantamal in Surabaya ‘’First Admiral Sumadi S. Sos, the representatives from the stakeholders, and the captain of the patrol ship who joined Kamla’s operation.


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