2 Institutions Asked to Eradicate Rente

JAKARTA – Tanjung Priok Port Council urges Transportation Ministry and Trade Ministry to immediately eradicate illegal logistic cost levies sparking high cost or rente in Tanjung Priok Port.

Eradicating the practice is demanded since container bail by importers, exporters, and transportation processing service transferred to foreign shipping lines through their domestic agents and container stacking empty depot operators exists.

Tanjung Priok Port Council Secretary, Subandi, says that the practice has existed since a long time ago and serious actions have to be taken over it especially by the institution giving business license to shipping agents or empty depot.

“This practice is really irritating. Shipping agent monitoring is the responsibility of Transportation Ministry while depot’s operational around Tanjung Priok Port is the responsibility of Trade ministry or others technical institutions,” said him on Wednesday (8/20).

He says that as a consultative and coordinative institution, Tanjung Priok Port Council will follow up commodity owners’ complaints in the Indonesia’s busiest port.

One of the solutions is by inviting the related parties, including shipping agent companies or depot operators supporting ex-import container empty activity in Tanjung Priok Port.

Subandi expects that port and container terminal operators in Tanjung Priok Port can give quick response since the practice occurs due to the implementation of equipments interchange receipt (EIR).

This document is used as the receipt during container handover from vessel to land transportation until container depot or commodity owner’s warehouse.

The EIR document will record whether containers are damaged or not when they leave port. “It is not transparent so the cost is also not transparent sparking illegal levies which has to be paid by commodity owners,” says him.

Therefore, says him, Tanjung Priok Port Council urges Transportation Ministry and Trade Ministry to quickly respond the problem burdening logistic cost at the port.

Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Logistic and Transportation Vice Chairman, Erwin Taufan, says that it is time for Tanjung Priok Port Authority to thoroughly monitor the documentation. (Bisnis Indonesia)

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