150 Maritime Crime Cases to Occur in Asian Waters

Solopos.com, JAKARTA – Indonesian Maritime Security Sharing Center (Pikmi) records 150 maritime crime cases in Asian waters during 2013 with 77% of them is minor crime category in form of on-board robbery referring to the report of Information Sharing Center – Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia (ISC-ReCAAP) in Singapore.
“The case has begun since 2012 and continues until last year. It means Asian waters are in relatively secured condition,” said Moh. Yasin, Head of Pikmi in press conference on Monday (10/2/2014).
He said that on-board robbery often occurs when the vessel is anchoring at the port. Unfortunately, more than a half of robbery occurs in Indonesian territory.
Pikmi is a division under The National Maritime Institute (Namarin) specifically overseeing information of crimes upon vessel. Pikmi is the partner of ISC-ReCAAP in Indonesia.
In ISC-ReCAAP recording system, on-board robbery is classified on Category 3 which means that it has less significant impacts. The robber will enter the vessel silently and escape after robbing valuable goods in the vessel. Another term for this kind of robbery is petty theft.
Meanwhile, Category 2 lists moderately-significant maritime crimes using sharp weapons like knife or cleaver when the robber attacks the vessel.
The most dangerous maritime crimes are classified on Category 1 causing very significant impacts to the victims like piracy.



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