126 dead, 2 survived after vessel sinking off Nigeria


There are only 2 people that have survived after their boat with 128 passengers onboard capsized off Nigeria, reported the emergency officials on Wednesday.

“There were suspected 128 people aboard the vessel, but only 9 bodies have been found, while only 2 of them survived so far,” told the spokesman of the National Emergency Management Agency.

The spokesman told that the accident occurred 2 or 3 days ago, nearly 49 nautical miles off the coast of the southern city of Calbar, but the origin of the capsized vessel is still unknown. There is just unconfirmed information that the boat may be Congo-Brazzaville, told the spokesman of NEMA, without further details.

Such incidents at open sea occur often in parts of Africa, with rickety vessels often overloaded with people onboard and few reliable records of who was aboard.

The initial indications were that the 2 survived passengers were Togolese, according information from a rescue team member.

The survived passengers were found by a patrol from Addax Petroleum, which is a Chinese company engaged in the oil-rich country, told the spokesman of NEMA, David Akate.

Akate also told that the capsized vessel had an estimated 128 people onboard and that only 9 bodies had been recovered.

“We are still collating information on the accident because it occurred on the high seas,” he added.



Source: http://www.vesselfinder.com/


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