The Chief of IMSCB Led the Working Group Meeting ¨National Maritime Security Policy and Maritime Security Board’

The Chief of Indonesian Maritime Security Coordinating Board (IMSCB) ‘Vice Admiral Bambang Suwarto’ opened the ‘Meeting of Working Group’ about the National Maritime Security Policy and Maritime Security Board Organization at Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta on Tuesday 4th February 2014. Thus, the event was lead by the Head of Policy Preparation of IMSCB ‘Maritime First Admiral Satria F. Maseo, SH., MH and it intended to discuss about the National Maritime Policy which was the follow-up of the Amendment about the Maritime Regulation Draft.

Moreover, the event was attended by Vice Admiral Abu Hartono as the Deputy of Constitution division in State Secretary, Muhammad Sapta Murti SH, MA., M.Kn, General Director Harmonization of Directorate General of Constitution in Ministry of Legal and Human Rights, Dr. Nasrudin SH., MH, Assistant of the Deputy of Constitution of Economic division in State Secretary Silvana Djaman, SH. LLM, the Expert of International Maritime Law Prof. Etty R. Agoes, the Head of INSA Zulkifli Ali, and the Consultant of IMSCB

On the opening speech, the Chief of IMSCB conveyed that the constitution plan on the establishment of Maritime Security Board should be firm which state that the presidential regulation was the revision of the Maritime Regulation Draft which contains the legal basis and legal standing.

Nonetheless, the meeting also discussed about the area of big maritime security aspect which includes all the features and function of maritime also the maritime safety and security. Yet, the maritime user ‘business’ couldn’t remain until the maritime regulation draft turned to the valid regulation because they have to continue their business every day, also the maritime users have to give the fine service to compete with the other countries. So, they need the security and safety in doing their activities.







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