Southeast Asia a “black spot” for marine accidents


Frankfurt: Asia is by far the most vibrant area for shipping. However, analysis just out shows it is also the region with the most shipping casualties.

The world’s merchant marine reported the loss of 106 ships last year. The figure is up from the 91 ships reported lost in 2011, but well below the 10-year average of 146 ships per annum, according to the marine insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty.

The report noted that the seas around Southern China, Indochina, Indonesia and the Philippines continue to be a “black spot” for marine accidents.

“Twice as many shipping accidents centred on the seas around [Southeast Asia] with 30 ships reported lost,” said the review. “Shipping losses also occurred more often in the East Mediterranean and the Black Sea with 15 losses in 2012 and around Japan, Korea and North China with 10 losses.”

“Fatigue, economic pressures, and inadequate training are causes for concern,” said Sven Gerhard, the global head of Marine Hull Liabilities at Allianz. “For some commercial ship owners, especially in the hard-pressed bulk cargo and tanker sectors, there is little money for maintenance and little money for training.”




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