Priok Harbor’s Future


After being delayed for one year, finally groundbreaking of Kalibaru Port project, called Port Kalibaru New Priok, successfully conducted on Friday (3/22).

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was present at the groundbreaking ceremony, marking the seriousness of the government to realize the development of vital infrastructure, the Port of Tanjung Priok.

For the first phase, according to the President Director of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II RJ Lino, Kalibaru New Priok Port terminal is ready to operate from 2014, which consists of three container terminals and two oil & gas product terminals. Each project will add capacity of 4.5 million TEUs of containers, and oil & gas products  of 9.4 million m3.

This development is a welcome relief. Associated with the presence of infrastructure, in addition to roads and highways and airports, seaports position a very strategic as the backbone of the national logistics distribution.

Since the beginning of the United Indonesia Cabinet Volume II, so echoing the declaration of national connectivity as one of the government’s credo. One aim is the integration of the national logistics system, which will be the backbone for the development of industry and trade between regions and inter-islands.

In the midst of rapid development of the national economy, the mobility of goods to be one important indicator, not only human mobility. Mobility of goods between islands can only be accommodated more efficiently through the modes and sea transportation routes.

Therefore, marine transportation plays a very important, that can not be matched by air transportation for capacity, and cost. Because the development of are more oriented towards human mobility.

In terms of international interest, although the position of Indonesia, which is located at the intersection of international trade routes, strategic, so far has not yet a sea port that can compete on a global level.

Condition, capacity, and facilities Tanjung Priok, the largest port in Indonesia, is still far behind when compared to neighboring ports, such as Singapore. Singapore has international hub port because number of advantages both in terms of custom and other facilities.

For domestic and international economic benefits, Tanjung Priok Port development is not negotiable. Kalibaru Port groundbreaking, which is inseparably part of Tanjung Priok Port development, is a strategically important momentum, although its actualization is very late.

It’s very sensible if a lot hope pinned on project worth US$2.5 billion or around IDR23 trillion, as it will boost port capacity. With addition capacity, it’s expected to reduce cost because dwelling time will be shorter.

Currently, average dwelling time in Tanjung Priok still 6, 2 days, which is not competitive if compared with neighboring port than need 2 or 3 days.

That’s why, congestion or bottleneck of goods because of waiting loading and unloading queue, which led to more expensive distribution cost and Indonesia’s export commodities unable to compete. Not only is that, imports also often constrained due to slow dwelling time.

The expectation is not just stop at port authority. Good port facilities and infrastructure will be meaningless if feeder goods infrastructure from and to port still stuck.

Therefore, it’s important to remind the Government especially the Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Transport and Jakarta Provincial Government can collaborate to complete port infrastructure in near future.

The channel is important to connect Priok with industrial and trade center in West java and Banten area. Thus, New Priok Kalibaru Port project benefit will be maximal, in supporting national distribution channel and logistics in order to meet brighter economic outlook




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