ISS Development Team ’Pokja’ Visited IMSCB

Pokja team of Integrated Surveillance System development (Integrated surveillance System/ISS) that consisted of several government agencies including KKP, Kemenhub, Kemenristek, Kemhan, Indonesian Military (Airforce, Navy), Police, IMSCB, BPPT, LAPAN, LIPI, BIG, Basarnas, and Lemsaneg visiting IMSCB’s Office in order to give the impression about the concept of the data center supervision system concept integrated in IMSCB, Tuesday (12/3/2013). The Pokja’s team directly welcomed by the Head of the Center Legal Information and Cooperation of IMSCB (Kapus Inhuker), Maritime First Admiral Eko Susilo Hadi, SH., MH and accompanied by the Head of Information Maritime Colonel L. Sianipar, Head of the Processing System and IT, Maritime Lieutenant Colonel Arief Meidyanto and Head of the Information Collection Maritime Lieutenant Colonel Eko P. Laksana.

On this occasion, First Admiral Eko Susilo Hadi SH., MH reported that a visit to the team of Pokja ISS to Bakorkamla was to provide a clearer picture of the data concepts about the integrated center supervision system that has been owned by IMSCB, which was called BIIS (Bakorkamla Integrated Information System, through the meeting, He expressed his hoped that Pokja will received the benefits of the meeting in order to increase cooperation among members of Pokja and stakeholders of IMSCB, especially to those who have the authority of the sea.

After being accepted by the Head of Legal Information and Cooperation, the team of Pokja ISS had the chance to see the Command Center of IMSCB. In a judicial review to the Command Center, the team of Pokja ISS received by Maritime Lieutenant Colonel Arief Meidyanto. In this opportunity, the team of Pokja ISS got a depiction of Monitoring, Control and Surveilance (MCS Bakorkamla). On this occasion the team of Pokja ISS was introduced on equipment and capabilities and that will be developed by IMSCB related MCS.






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